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Face it: Being a member in an RV Park is a TimeShare, just like a vacation TimeShare like RCI.COM. See the TOPIC - The Benefits and Detriments of TimeShare Ownership

TOPIC - Why it's a VERY bad idea to allow Park Security to Carry Guns in a Residential RV Park

"Enos, you dumb dipstick......te hee, te hee, te hee, te hee, te hee".......

It's called, "I was reasonably afraid for my life", and it's the most widely used defense in all (police) shootings where someone gets killed. Every police officer knows it. It comes from the laws regarding self defense.

If someone is shooting next to your RV, just point your 12 gauge at the window and pull the trigger. You'll break your window, but who cares when you are reasonably afraid for your life? The police will come arrest you, take you to jail, you'll go to trial and so forth, but does it really matter when you fear for you life? The trial will go to a jury, where the jury will decide, "Would someone who is reasonably afraid for his/her life have done this?" Remember, conviction requires a unanimous verdict. That's why the prosecutor usually offers a plea bargain, something like AWD, assault with a deadly weapon.

Park Security can get in a lot of trouble too. The police might ask, "Why were you shooting a gun?" Not a nice thing to answer if you were outside the storage area and firing into the storage area for some reason, like "I saw someone break into the storage area, and no one is allowed in the storage area after dark." Hmmmm....is it OK to shoot a gun around people camping outside the storage area? What if the *someone" in the storage area has a gun, like an escaped felon, and returns fire? What if a bullet strikes a camper's RV, or even worse? Guess who is responsible if the management of the Park, or even the management of the Time Share, which might own a dozen parks, is sued? What if the Park does not have a license to carry firearms, or Park Security is not certified to carry guns in business, like a Professional Security Company is? Many questions, too few answers.... Might have to go to court to figure it out.........

BTW, If the owners of an RV Timeshare think they can escape liability by allowing a Park Security person to carry a personal gun, they should think a little harder: It's called "joint and several liability":

  • In cases that involve employer liability for employee’s actions, the offending employee can also be found liable, usually under joint and several liability. If only an employee is sued, the employee can generally seek indemnification from the employer if the conduct was within the course and scope of the employment.

Reference: www.hg.org/legal-articles/when-can-an-employer-be-found-liable-for-an-act-of-an-employee-34389


"I'm both a lawyer and a computer systems engineer.........."

TOPIC - What to Do if you feel that your were Ripped Off

Ever feel like suing for false and misleading sales tactics? Do you feel you were lied to? You're not alone. I'll bet all your friends feel the same way. You could take them to small claims court. You can sue for up to $10,000 . Or you and your friends could get together for a class action lawsuit. How do you know when you are actually part of a class action suit? You will receive a written notice from the attorneys explaining the basis of the suit. Until then,there is no suit. "Written" means that it can be posted on a website, such as one of the world's largest class action law firms Hagens Berman https://www.hbsslaw.com/ Check them out sometime.

Remember when facebook sold everyone's personal information without their consent? Hagens Berman is handling the suit....webmaster is in on it -- you just go to their web site, answer a few questions, and register.... you can search on their web site for other companies, such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, and perhaps by topic, such as Opioids, Baby Strollers, Motorcycle Accidents, etc. - maybe you could make a living from adding yourself to the lists !!!

TOPIC - A Little Knowledge goes a Long Way

Webmaster was more or less a sucker for High Pressure Sales Tactics (Next Topic). As they say, "Look before you buy", aka, "If you had an offer to jump into a Pool, would you just dive off the edge without testing the temp of the water first? Why not stick your toe in first ---- or is it just more exciting to go all the way the first time? A little known secret for newbees: You can test many different types of RV memberships by buying One, and Only One, RV membership at first: Good Sam, aka Coast-to-Coast, the largest "try before you buy" RV membership. Good Sam was probably the first, and largest, RV membership plan. Good Sam also has their own company dedicated to selling RV Parts and RV Supplies, also the largest dedicated RV Retailer, very well known by every experienced RV owner: https://www.campingworld.com

As always, there are both advantages and disadvantages to being a Good Sam member: If you're "only" a Good Sam member, you're considered a "second class citizen" cf. to the owner of a membership in the actual RV park you want to go to. As a second class citizen, you are more easily subjected to being "blacklisted" (topic after High Pressure Sales Tactics), plus you must make your reservations earlier, and you must be aware of Peak Seasons (topic after Blacklisting).

TOPIC - High Pressure Sales Tactics

"KQ Ranch/Colorado River Adventures Lured to a weekend stay at KQ ranch by CRA, in 2006 , pressured into signing agreement, unable to cancel, $13,000 bill now in collection, is ruining my credit. Julian California."

"Having read some of the other entries in Ripoff Report, I just thought I'd add my experience. It looks like they offer a $100 gas card as an incentive to visit their property and sit through a 90 minute pitch. Don't count on receiving the gift card. They have as many excuses as to why you don't qualify for the incentive as Bayer has pills. Nice property, but honesty doesn't come with it. "

"Long after the 3 day cool of period passed I found that Coast to Coast was only a year trial memebership and the number of restrictions such as length of stay made it unusable. I questioned about this that the flyer I was given didn't mention that it was a trial membership, the lady on the phone said she knew that but it was in the contract signed. I had rushed thru the contract and had accepted what was being told to me instead of looking for myself. I also noticed the high interest rate we wre being charged and couldn't believe I signed it, so I called for a payoff amount and sent a check marked "payed in full". I have now recieved a letter for more money so I called again and am now told I only payed part of my annual dues and with the $20 late fee I owe $75. I am afraid that this is going to be a reacurring nightmare."


CRA also hides the fact that they have a policy of allowing only 5 stays per year at Cherry Valley. When webmaster signed a contract, there was no such policy. However, there is what's known as “boilerplate” in the contract which says basically, “we reserve the right to change the policy at any time.” Unfortunately, there is no such boilerplate which says, “You may reserve the right to alter your policy payments or yearly maintenance fees (currently about $ 500 per year) at any time.” Might have to go to court to figure it out......


"I'm both a lawyer and a computer systems engineer........”

TOPIC - Being Blacklisted

Being a member of an RV Timeshare gives you certain rights and responsibilities. It is more like staying at a motel than leasing an apartment. (See the Topic - Benefits and Detriments of Timeshare Ownership). Webmaster has two small dogs. Before webmaster purchased an RV, he spent a lot of time staying at Motel 6. Motel 6 is one of the few motels that allow pets. Each motel is actually a franchise like McDonald's. Although they all belong to the website Motel6.com, where you can make online reservations, like McDonald's, each is privately owned and operated. One night, one of webmaster's dogs "did his business" on the carpet. Although webmaster went to the store to purchase carpet cleaner, and did HIS best to remove the stain, from then on, every time webmaster went online to book a reservation, that particular Motel6 said "not available, all booked up" no matter what dates were chosen.

So I called the motel directly to book a reservation over the phone, which is the second way you can book a reservation at a Motel6. I was told by the front desk clerk, "I'm sorry sir, but YOU are no longer allowed to stay at this motel." Webmaster to clerk: "Why not?" Clerk: "It doesn't say here, only that you are not allowed to stay at this motel." I had been blacklisted....

Have you ever wondered, "Why do I have to go through this antiquated process to get a reservation? Why don't they just allow everyone to book online like a Motel6? Well, guess what -- It 's usually because the people taking reservations check their screens for blacklisting before they book your reservation. Bet you didn't know that, did you? One of the timeshares does allow you to REQUEST a reservation online, but they specifically state: "We'll get back to you within 24 hours to verify your reservation." Then the next day, assuming you haven't been blacklisted, you receive an email at the email address listed on your account, showing the new reservation.

Troublemakers can get blacklisted very easily. Usually they give you several written warnings about violating Timeshare rules, like excessive noise, foul language, fighting with other members, etc. before you're blacklisted. If you want to know how many more chances you have to "reform", just ask the Timeshare Management. Remember - it's more like a motel than an apartment lease. (See the Topic - Benefits and Detriments of Timeshare Ownership). Make too much trouble and you'll be asked to leave. If you don't leave within, let's say, 3 days, the Sheriff will come "help you move." With some handcuffs and a tow truck....

TOPIC - The Benefits and Detriments of TimeShare Ownership in an RV Park

Face it: Being a Member of an RV Park is a TimeShare. Just like owning a TimeShare in a Vacation Resort, like the largest, RCI.com. It's very different from leasing an Aparment. It's much closer to staying in a Motel.

Webmaster had a real estate license several years ago, during the heyday of "No Money Down"....only takes about 6 weeks of hard studying, and you don't even have to go to classes, just buy a few books like the classic "Fundamentals of Real Estate" and so forth, about 3 of them total. The CA state exam is cheap too, only about $200. Webmaster chose not to enter real estate as an apprentice with Century 21 or Re Max, because Webmaster is basically too lazy.

Apprenticeship takes a lot of "Pounding the Pavement" which is something the "No Money Down" guys/girls will NEVER tell you. Their objective is to sell books on "How to Get Rich in Real Estate with No Money Down." duh....

In real estate school, you learn CA law re leases, both one year and month-to-month rentals. Why do you think Timeshares have a max stay at any physical location to no more than 30 days (usually 3 weeks max)? Because CA real estate LAW says that staying in one physical location more than 30 days becomes a month-to-month rental. Motels are the same. Once you are considered a month-to-month, you have to be given 30 days notice to leave. It starts with the 3 day notice, then the 30 day notice. Most tenants will leave quickly if they receive only a 3 day eviction notice, because they don't know real estate law like the owners do, and they get scared that they are going to be arrested. They also don't know there are several FREE legal services for low income tenants, provided by the State of CA, where you can talk to an actual RE attorney FREE. English or Spanish......oh well, so much for those pesky immigrants.....

Motel law and Timeshare law are not so protective. Depends on the particular violation. One can be evicted immediately for certain things, others require a 3 day notice.


"I'm both a lawyer and a computer systems engineer........”

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